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【E-learning】| The Ugly Duckling(1)

科瑞思曼国际幼儿园 2022-04-24 11:03:35

Hello, my name is Hayley, I am a Foreign Principal here at Curiousminds Academy. I am going to read a book called The Ugly Duckling 

Once upon a time a mother duck was waiting for her eggs to hatch.

The eggs were white,all except one.

Soon the eggs began to hatch,and the duck became the proud mother of 5 little ducklings.

But one egg remained...

Finally the last duckling hatched.

But he was different from the others.

“Why are you different?”

Nobody loves me because I am different.

The ugly duckling left home to look for a place he belonged.

He came across some other birds,but they did not want to be friends with such an odd looking duckling.

The end.